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In today’s world, all Organizations focus attention on the concept of “value” and make efforts to better understand how to obtain and improve it. Ital Brokers goes far beyond: it speaks about its values and how they are experienced within the Group.
Values are not only simple words to remember, but also essential elements that guide our behaviours and actions towards Clients, Insurance Partners, Suppliers and Colleagues.
How do we apply that in our job?
We believe in responsibility. Our clients ask us questions, and we give the answers. We offer what we promise and we don’t attribute responsibility to others. We are responsible for the result of our Clients and Colleagues.
We believe in trust. Trust is very precious in today’s word and it is extremely important for us. This means that our actions are guided by transparency and integrity, with mutual respect in all relationships. We encourage an honest feedback and we expect the same from our Clients and Colleagues.
We strongly believe in competitiveness and we are always committed to reaching the highest standards of excellence. We use a proactive and flexible approach and we are constantly seeking the best, simplest and most cost-effective solution.
Client Service
We believe it is important to be always at the service of our Clients. We work together to understand the main features of their business. We anticipate needs and expectations in order to create a long-term partnership. We are proactive, we quickly respond to requests, we offer solutions and we look for a feedback. We foster a can-do attitude and a healthy team spirit.
Social well-being
We are committed to improving life conditions in a sustainable way. We respect and support the people as individuals and we are always aware of the impact of our actions on others. We want to create an environment that allows us all to reach our potential and objectives.
1. We believe in excellence. We maintain the highest standards in everything we do, focus on results, act with ambition. So we attract the best. Which in turn attracts the best Clients. Being the best gives us a competitive advantage, both as individuals and as a company.
2. Certifications: the Quality Policy allows Ital Brokers to direct the development of the organization towards a constant optimization of results.
The Quality Policy
• is an integral part of the company’s strategic vision;
• clearly highlights the Management Offices’ commitment to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
• is actually shared within the organisation, starting from the Managers, who shall consider the Policy’s objectives as a top priority;
• is defined in accordance to the Company’s needs, in terms of management and development of internal and external resources;
• is revised at least once a year by the Management Representative who edits the defined commitments and objectives, if necessary.
The Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced into the Italian legal system the concept of criminal liability of a company for a series of offences committed in the interest of the company in question by managers, collaborators and employees. As a consequence, Ital Brokers has adopted a suitable Organisational and Management Control Model, in order to prevent offences as per the aforementioned Legislative Decree, and a Code of Conduct containing all the general principles that members of the company shall follow.