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Claims Management

Implementation of IVASS (Institute for the Supervision of Insurance) Order no. 46/2016 – Claims Management.

The customer has the right to forward, by written communication, the claims that fall within the competence of Ital Brokers S.p.A. by ordinary post to the following address: Via Albaro 3, 16145 Genoa, Italy, by fax to no. +39 010.36238.500 or by email to .

The Claims Management Office shall answer within 45 days of receipt of such claim, and shall use the same procedures of the claimant.

If the claimant is not satisfied with the outcome of the claim, or in case of failure to reply within the maximum term of 45 days, he can contact IVASS – Servizio Tutela degli Utenti, Via del Quirinale 21, 00187 Rome by sending an account of the events and providing relevant documentation of the aforementioned claim.

With regard to litigations concerning quantification of damages and allocation of liability, please note that Legal Authorities shall have exclusive jurisdiction and the Parties shall also be entitled to use conciliated settlements, where possible.