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Cargo Transport

In the specific field of freight transport as well as with the national and international Insurance Companies market, our Company has gained over the last ten years the status of Lloyd’s Coverholder. It operates autonomously with the Lloyd’s market through its own binder for which, besides the management of insurance policies, it is also entitled to manage the related claims with a binding authority for the payment of such claims.

We work with manufacturers, importers and exporters, traders and all companies dealing with sea, land and air cargo transportation (shippers, receivers, freight forwarders, carriers, terminal and logistics operators, etc), by means of policies “on the spot”, open policies, turnover policies, insurance programmes for art exhibitions as well as guarantees of liability of shipping agents, shipping agents/carriers, land carriers and charterers (charterers liability), and insurance coverage for war on land.

We provide pecific coverage for commodities transportation, especially for cereals and edible and vegetable oils in bulk, with the release of an insurance policy for loss in weight.

Qualified and effective management of potential claims  with technical and legal advice, assistance for arbitrations and loss prevention surveys.

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